Descriptions in CINEMA 4D

In CINEMA 4D most object, tag and material parameters are accessed from the Attributes manager. In the API the set of such parameters is called the description. With Python it is possible to set and get this descriptions.


All base list objects have a description. Each description element has an ID, normally available as a constant. You access the description element with the BaseList2D.__getitem__() and BaseList2D.__setitem__() methods:

obj[id,subid, subsubid]


obj[c4d.SWEEPOBJECT_SCALE] = 0.5  # Sets the Scale of a Sweep NURBS to 50%
x = obj[c4d.SWEEPOBJECT_SCALE] # Assigns x the X coordinate of the object position

The object you pass to [ ] can also be an object of type DescID but this is currently not important to know.

Finding the element ID

You don’t have to remember all these IDs, nor look them up in tables. It is easy to get the ID and sub-ID for a description element using drag and drop within CINEMA 4D. Just open up the Attributes manager on the object you want and drag the element to the Python console window field. In the following picture the ID of the Growth element is PRIM_SPHERE_RAD.

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