Frequently Asked Questions

Where do I find the user folder?

At the bottom of the Preferences dialog window is the Open Preferences Folder... button. Program preferences and all other user-specific data (libraries, etc.) are saved to a CINEMA 4D folder named according to the version number in a location defined by your operating system (not in a CINEMA 4D program directory as in previous versions). This location will be opened in your Explorer/Finder window when you click on the Open Preferences Folder... button.

Which version of Python do I need for Python in CINEMA 4D?

You don’t need a seperate Python installation. Python is implemented in CINEMA 4D and runs out of the box.

How do I run Python in verbose- or debug-mode?

If you want to run Python in the verbose or debug mode, please create an empty text file in the user folder of CINEMA 4D:

c4d_py_debug.txt Run Python in debug mode.
c4d_py_verbose.txt Run Python in verbose mode.

Can I enable warnings for Python 3000(aka 3k)?

Like the debug- or verbose mode, create an empty text file in {USER_FOLDER}/prefs/python/

python_3kwarning.txt Warnings for Python 3000(aka 3k)

Where do I store 3rd party modules for Python?

When you ship your plugin with a 3rd party module, make sure the user copies the 3rd party module to {USER_FOLDER}/library/python/packages/{osx/win32/win64}.

Can I execute code on startup of CINEMA 4D?

In some cases it might be necessary that you need to execute Python code on startup of CINEMA 4D before any other Python stuff is loaded. In this case, go to the user folder of CINEMA 4D and create a file in the python prefs {USER_FOLDER}/prefs/python/. Autostart Python Code.

You can also handle low-level stuff here, but just do this if you really know what you do.

What does mean?

If this exception is written to the Python console, the structure of your plugin seems to be corrupt. You need to have a special structure, like a res folder, a file called c4d_symbols.h, etc. even if they are empty or do not contain anything useful. Please check out the plugins examples or Directory Structure for further information.