Release: R13.058
Date: May 17, 2012

We hope this documentation will help you develop great plugins for the award winning CINEMA 4D. If you have further questions about MAXON Computer or our applications CINEMA 4D and BodyPaint 3D, please do not hesitate to contact MAXON at any of the following locations:

United States, Canada, The Americas:

United Kingdom & Ireland:


Germany & all other countries:

Your MAXON SDK support and development team.


What you will find in this document

The MAXON Python SDK is a publicly available reference. As such it is a growing document that is designed to help developers understand how to write plugins for CINEMA 4D. Further additions will be made in the future as the SDK itself evolves. If you would like to give feedback, please e-mail .

How to get support and who will answer your questions

The only way to get support is via Plugin Cafe. Support can only be given for the latest version. Always use the latest version of CINEMA 4D (updates are available at

Registration to the PluginCafe developer forum is free of charge but will be required to post your queries.

When sending a query about the Python SDK, C++ or C.O.F.F.E.E., please ensure that your problem is described in as much detail as possible, thus avoiding additional questions from the support team.

Please also post the part of your source code in question. Without this it will be impossible for the support team to find the cause of your problem.

If your project is under NDA or you need to address the support team directly, please email for assistance.

If you find a potential bug in the SDK or an error in the reference, please report it immediately to .


Here are some book recommendations:

Python Books

  1. Python in a Nutshell

    ISBN10 - 0596100469

  2. Python Cookbook

    ISBN10 - 0596007973

Computer Graphic Books

  1. Computer Graphics : Principles and Practice, Second Edition in C
    by James D. Foley, Andries van Dam, Steven K. Feiner, John F. Hughes

    Addison-Wesley Pub Co; ISBN10 - 0201848406

  2. Graphics Gems V
    by Alan W. Paeth (Editor)

    ISBN10 - 0125434553

  3. Curves and Surfaces for Computer Graphics

    ISBN10 - 0387241965


  1. 3D Computer Graphics (3rd edition)
    by Alan H. Watt

    ISBN10 - 0201398559

  2. Computer Graphics, C Version
    by Donald Hearn, M. Pauline Baker

    Prentice Hall; ISBN10 - 0135309247

Internet Resources


  • Cineversity Scripting Wiki
  • ThirdParty Wiki

Online Books

  • Dive Into Python
  • A Byte of Python


  • Official Python tutorial
  • ShowMeDo (video tutorials)
  • Python beginners guide
  • PluginCafe
  • MathForum
  • Python Forum

Some Expert Stuff

  • Python Patterns - An Optimization Anecdote


If you want to use a special editor to create your Python plugins, take a look at the following ones:

  • NotePad++ (Windows/free)
  • Eclipse (Windows/Mac/free)
  • TextMate (Mac/trial)
  • SciTe (Windows/Mac/free)
  • BBEdit (Mac/trial)
  • PyScripter (Windows/free)
  • Python Tools for Visual Studio 2010 (Windows/free)