New in version R13.029.

This is the main thread base class used internally by CINEMA 4D. Cannot be instantiated.


class c4d.threading.BaseThread



Check if the thread received a break command to stop processing.

Return type: bool
Returns: True when CINEMA closes, or when a stopping condition has occured, such as End().

End the thread. This function will not return before the thread has completely stopped.


If the thread does not check for TestBreak() then this function will not return and you will get a deadlock.

Parameters: wait (bool) – This parameter determines if thread termination is synchronous or asynchronous. If True the function will not return until the thread is finished. If False the function returns immediately although the thread will still run until it is finished.

Check if the thread is running.

Return type: bool
Returns: True if the thread is running, otherwise False.

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