Parameters: type (int) – The id of the material, e.g: (Mfog). See also: Descriptions in CINEMA 4D
Return type: BaseMaterial
Returns: The new material.

Check if this channel is the same as another channel. For plugin shaders this means an automatic comparison of container values.

Parameters: flags (BaseMaterial) – Check if the materials are identical; only their names can be different.
Return type: bool
Returns: True if the materials contents are the same.

Returns an average color for the material, based on the material preview.

Parameters: flags (int) – Currently not used.
Return type: BaseBitmap
Returns: The preview image or None if no preview was built yet.

Returns an average color for the material, based on the material preview.

Parameters: channel (int) –

An optional specific channel to get the average for.

NOTOK All channels.
CHANNEL_COLOR The color channel of the material.
CHANNEL_LUMINANCE The luminance channel of the material.
CHANNEL_TRANSPARENCY The transparency channel of the material.
CHANNEL_REFLECTION The reflection channel of the material.
CHANNEL_ENVIRONMENT The environment channel of the material.
CHANNEL_FOG The fog channel of the material.
CHANNEL_BUMP The bump channel of the material.
CHANNEL_ALPHA The alpha channel of the material.
CHANNEL_SPECULAR The specular channel of the material.
CHANNEL_SPECULARCOLOR The specular color channel of the material.
CHANNEL_GLOW The glow channel of the material.
CHANNEL_DISPLACEMENT The displacement channel of the material.
CHANNEL_DIFFUSION The diffusion channel of the material.
CHANNEL_NORMAL The normal channel of the material.
CHANNEL_ANY This specifies an unlabeled plugin channel.
Return type: Vector
Returns: Average color.
BaseMaterial.Update(preview, rttm)

Recalculates the material’s thumbnail and updates internal values.


Recalculating the thumbnail/RTTM image is time intensive. It only needs to be done if you want to let the user view the change. The calculations are done asynchronously.

  • preview (bool) – If this value is True then the preview thumbnail is updated.
  • rttm (bool) – If this value is True then the real time texture map of the material will be recalculated.

New in version R13.029.

Retrieves information about what the material requires from the raytracer and what it will return.

Return type: int
Returns: The return values are:
VOLUMEINFO_REFLECTION Shader calculates reflections.
VOLUMEINFO_TRANSPARENCY Shader calculates transparency.
VOLUMEINFO_ALPHA Shader calculates alpha.
VOLUMEINFO_CHANGENORMAL Shader calculates bump mapping.
VOLUMEINFO_DISPLACEMENT Shader calculates displacement mapping.
VOLUMEINFO_ENVREQUIRED Shader needs environment reflection data.
VOLUMEINFO_DUDVREQUIRED Shader needs du/dv bump mapping data.
VOLUMEINFO_MIPSAT Shader requires MIP/SAT data.
VOLUMEINFO_VOLUMETRIC Shader is a volumetric shader.
VOLUMEINFO_TRANSFORM Shader needs back-transformed data.
VOLUMEINFO_EVALUATEPROJECTION Shader requires texture tag projections.
VOLUMEINFO_INITCALCULATION Shader needs initcalculation call.

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